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Corporate Background

USr Healthcare is a national leader of talent acquisition solutions through our consulting services and/or implementation of our outsourced models for Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities. USr Healthcare differentiates its service from other talent acquisition companies through our track record, databases, processes and our people. With our extensive experience, we bring cost-effective resources to a hospital to get the job done while customizing our programs to reflect a hospital or healthcare facility’s specific needs.

Corporate Background

USresources Inc. was founded in 1995, as a subsidiary of LAN Solutions Inc. LAN Solutions, Inc., was established in 1989 to provide comprehensive network support and integration services that have a positive and ongoing impact on critical business systems.

In 2000, USr Healthcare began operations in Brentwood, Tennessee, and in 2002 the company was split into three separate entities; USr Healthcare, USresources and LAN Solutions. The three companies still share a common backend support system in the areas of accounting and IT.

In 2002, USr Healthcare entered the healthcare recruiting field through a unique pilot program to support HCA (Hospital Corporation of America). The original pilot, launched at a 200 bed facility in Nashville, Tennessee was designed to directly address two major issues facing their hospitals; an increased reliance in contract labor and escalating vacancy rates in the RN and licensed Allied Health areas. USr successfully addressed their needs by eliminating all travelers and contract labor in seven months while saving an HCA documented $1.3 million in year one and USr continues to service that facility to this day. Since then, USr Healthcare has become a national provider of customized staffing solutions for hospitals, hospital groups and other healthcare facilities with our ability to lower vacancy rates and reduce or eliminate contract labor being the most sought after result.

Since the 2002 formation of USr Healthcare, the company has quickly become a leader in the healthcare staffing industry. USr is proud of its acknowledgements as they support our drive to be in the best in our industry while being a true partner with our clients. The Nashville Business Journal has listed USr Healthcare as the “Largest–Area Recruiting Firms” for the past twelve years (2003-2014). In 2014, USr exceeded the next company recognized by over 9,000 hires. One reason for this dramatic difference is USr’s commitment to our clients and the price value equation realized on every transaction.