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A Unique Staffing Solution:

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, new challenges present themselves daily. With more than 5.5 million people employed by hospitals in 2012, staffing hospitals and healthcare facilities with qualified professionals has become significantly more difficult. The passage of the Affordable Care Act and the impending retirement of aging RNs will only add to the challenges healthcare organizations face in the coming years.

USr Healthcare can play a vital role in revitalizing talent acquisition efforts to prevent the difficult decisions of being unable to open additional service lines or closing others due to the inability to effectively staff these units. With more than 84,000 healthcare placements since 2004, USr Healthcare has a demonstrated ability to successfully address the hiring needs of the nation’s largest companies, while maintaining the flexibility to tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of each client.

USr Healthcare

USr Healthcare is a privately held company and our growth is self-funded. Our growth comes from an unwavering focus on our core mission and strategy, which is to partner with large enterprises that are “employers of choice” and that appreciate the importance and complexity of a professionally executed recruitment and hiring process. In addition, USr Healthcare only partners with one healthcare group or hospital per market when deploying a comprehensive USr solution.
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USr Healthcare Customizes a Variety of Talent Acquisition or Consulting Models to Meet Individual Client Needs

USr Healthcare programs are 100% custom designed and built for each client following a detailed specification development process. Once USr Healthcare understands a client’s current talent acquisition process and cost structure, a program is built that delivers a more effective process while reducing the overall expense. This is done through a variety of process improvements that greatly enhance efficiencies and systematically reduce the burden on the client’s HR staff and hiring managers.

USr Healthcare offers an array of services, many of which can be combined to create the most effective talent acquisition solution for our client. From our proven VOP outsourced recruiting at the division or facility level to drop-in recruiters, executive and contingency search placements, position sourcing solutions, and marketing services, USr Healthcare can develop a custom solution to meet the needs of each client. In addition to our talent acquisition solutions, USr Healthcare also offers an expert leadership team specializing in facility consulting services, including onsite turnarounds and white paper development (outlining how to improve your recruiting results).

The “r factor” in USr Healthcare

USr Healthcare distinguishes itself from other staffing agencies by our “r factor”; the resources that we bring to hospital operations to support the human resources department and their recruiting process. Most notably, USr utilizes a robust back office support network to drive candidate flow down to the hospital level as well as three of the nation’s largest, if not largest, databases of clinical licensed professionals to support our clients (resume database with 7.6 million+ resumes, blast e-mail and auto telemarketing databases with 7.6 million+ names each and those totals are increasing by more than 100,000 additions per month). Most importantly, the success of USr Healthcare is built upon our talented staff of dedicated recruiters, efficient back-office staff and knowledgeable leadership team.